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Weiss Brother’s Garden of 2014

Last year’s garden was a great success. We’ve found that by using the pourous pipe as a drip system and the mulch that was applied on top of the planted, area there was less weed growth and greater water saturation around the plants. We will repeat this method in the next planting.

The fertilizers that were used and the mulch mixture that was shown on the website this spring worked very well.

The trellis system used for the tomato plants was a single 3 strand wire system. It was very successful, but greater diligence is needed in tying up the branches. The growth rate was very fast, and as we were quite busy at the growing grounds, the garden did get away from us a bit. We found that you do need to keep up with pruning in order to maintain good aisle access.

The webbed trellis system (shown earlier on our website) for the cucumbers worked very well. The cucumbers were kept off the ground and this kept them clean and made for easy harvesting. This coming year we will add more zip ties on each stake, as the plants become very heavy when loaded with the many varieties of cucumbers. There was some breakage of branches on areas with few ties. Again- diligence is needed in this area!

This year, we will add some new tomatoes and expand the garden to include some odd pumpkin varieties. If you have the room to do so, it’s always fun to try something new and different!

We have let the weeds grow after harvest time ( and after removing the fencing to let the wildlife in the area take advantage of what’s left) for a winter cover crop. Add a balance of calcium and nitrogen to help control splitting and end rot on the tomatoes. We hope that your next planting will also be as successful, and we’ll keep you posted on what’s new and growing in our garden.


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